Welcome to Creatives Matter.

We’re more than just a creative website, we’re working on new projects to connect people across the UK in more ways. From experts to beginners we want to make everyone feel that they can commit to an art and feel confident enough to go out and practice and promote it.

What are we doing?

Giving people a platform

From working with starting artists and those who are looking to step their work up a notch, giving them a platform to succeed by connecting them with people who can help or doing our best to help them ourselves. Giving them the best exposure we can offer.

Connecting people

We’re working on creating events and projects that connect people in traditional and new ways, from Glasgow Blogs to new events that we’re working. Helping artists learn new crafts, get new ideas or work with people from different areas and backgrounds to expand what they do.

Want to help us?

We’re always looking for new people who would be interested in helping us, whether you want to donate your time, knowledge, venue or funds to give us a better and bigger platform. ]

Get in touch by email or tweet us on @creativesmatter