Using the arts and the internet to connect people.

We want to break down barriers for people.

We create safe places for people to meet

Everyone is glued to their screen and people on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but no one ever really connects anymore and before you start – we’re not another “networking” event. We’re a community of communities that give people the chance to meet others, connect and create things from new art works, companies, blogs or friendships.

It’s a simple and effective way to create great, new things.


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Helping people get a step forward in creativity

All of our projects have an element of teaching to them, Glasgow Blogs for example is about helping people create killer blogs on the internet by teaching them new skills, promoting them and helping them meet brand new people. But we’re also all about other creative things too, we’re currently working on creating safe events for people across Glasgow and Edinburgh where you can come and learn to paint, draw, sketch, design and even code.


Find Out How

We’re community driven so need all the help we can get

We want to get more members supporting the arts in and around Glasgow, we want individuals, companies, governments, councils and local groups getting in touch with what they want us to do.


Creating events is a big task for a community completely made up of volunteers, if you think you can give up your time to arrange a community meet in your area we’d love to know.


Get Involved


We don’t own a venue and we don’t have the cash to rent one out, so if you’re a venue owner or you might be in a position to help us get a new event off the ground we’d love to hear from you.


Help Us Out


Get creative for us to show your support for our cause, whether you want to create a cool design out of our logo, write a blog post about the arts or something completely different


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